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We will be out of the office between Friday, 6/10/22 and Wednesday, 6/22/22 with limited communications.

Thank you for attending our art salon and skin health event!

We appreciated having you there!

Meet Our Newest Member

Marsha Rose  RN, CNC, CYT



Alchemy: The art of scientifically transforming the ordinary into something extraordinary

Restorative Medicine:  A whole-person approach to medical care focussed on promoting health and optimizing the aging process

I started Alchemy Restorative Medicine in Oakland, California because I believe my patients deserve comprehensive medical care targeting their individual needs.

Osteopathy is a gentle manual treatment to improve pain, function, mobility and posture.  My specialized training and perspective allow me to use a variety of techniques customized to your needs.

Skip the Medi-Spa

I perform all procedures at my practice, so you're in familiar hands. I offer free skin rejuvenation consultations with a personalized treatment plan and skin care education. My goal is to help you look your best and achieve natural results with minimally invasive aesthetic procedures such as BOTOX®, dermal fillers and Kyblella treatments.

Longer Appointments
In my office, you won't feel rushed. I spend the appropriate time to allow for thorough evaluation, treatment and education.

Treated As a Person, Not a Chart

My goal is to understand your story and offer a comprehensive visit that addresses your unique issues and concerns.